Mike O'Carroll

Chief Executive

Michael O'Carroll

About Mike

Mike joined the Welsh Liberal Democrats in 2013 after being a long-time supporter. His ambition is for the Welsh Liberal Democrats to become a confident, successful campaigning force across Wales.

Mike has extensive campaigning experience across Wales, including serving as Campaign Manager in Swansea in the 2022 local elections where the party increased its Council seats from 7 to 11. He has twice stood as a parliamentary candidate for the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Professionally, Mike previously ran his own small business and worked as Commercial Development Manager at Swansea University.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To provide strategic management to the Welsh Party.
  2. To build an effective party machine supporting the work of the Board, Party Leader, Executive Officers and local parties to facilitate success in future elections, with particular emphasis on elections to Senedd Cymru and local authorities.
  3. To advise the Board regarding good governance practice and risk management, and to ensure the proper and compliant day-to-day functioning of the Party within the parameters determined by the President and Board.


Get in touch:

Email: mike.ocarroll@libdems.wales