The Executive Officer for Membership Development

The current Executive Officer for Membership Development is Chris Passmore


Local Party:

  • Carmarthenshire


The responsibilities of the Executive Officer for Membership Development are to:

  1. Chair the meetings of, and ensure the proper functioning of, the Membership Development Committee;
  2. Carry ultimate responsibility for fulfilling the duties of that committee;
  3. Report on their activities, and those of the committee they chair, in a timely manner, to Board members after each committee meeting, and the Conference on an annual basis;
  4. Ensure members of the committee they chair, and any working groups established by that committee, are kept informed of any relevant decisions made by the Board or other Committees;
  5. Contribute fully to the setting of party strategy at Board level, particularly with regard to their own specific duties;
  6. Ensure the needs of diverse communities are considered and acted upon in all their work;
  7. Work with the President, other Executive Officers, Board members, elected representatives and party members in the best interests of the Party;
  8. Act as a budget holder for the activities of their committee, and ensure compliance with any financial procedures put in place by the Finance and Resources Committee;
  9. Discharge such other functions as the Conference or the Constitution shall allocate to them.

Further details can be found in the Party's constitution.