david wilkins

Clwyd North - David Wilkins

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are excited to introduce David Wilkins as their candidate for Clwyd North in the upcoming General Election.

Since 2021, David Wilkins has been serving as a Town Councillor in Colwyn Bay. A North Wales native, he has spent most of his life in the region, dedicating himself to secondary school education. With a deep-seated commitment to the well-being of young people in his community, David has witnessed firsthand the profound effects of relentless cuts to education budgets and the toll the cost of living crisis has taken on the happiness and home lives of students.


Expressing his enthusiasm about being selected as the candidate, Cllr David Wilkins shared his perspective on the current political landscape:

"Many local residents feel let down by the choices presented by Conservative and Labour politicians in Westminster. The compassionate and caring nature of our local community has too often been overlooked as Conservative policies have veered towards cruelty and moral bankruptcy. I am proud to stand once more, aiming to put an end to the Conservative mishandling of the economy and advocating for the restoration of funding for schools, hospitals, and essential services.

"I've observed that our current Conservative MP and MS have often aligned themselves with the Party in Westminster, voting against the concerns held by local people. They have supported an unelected Prime Minister and a failing government, leaving us in need of a local champion who will be more vocal and prioritize our area. If given the opportunity to serve as Clwyd North's MP, I am committed to putting our community first and being that champion.”