Action taken against Dwr Cymru by industry regulator is “long overdue” – Welsh Lib Dems

14 Mar 2024
Water tap

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed Ofwat’s criticism of Dwr Cymru, describing it as “long overdue”.

Dwr Cymru have been accused of making ‘indefensible’ mistakes in its reporting of leakages and water use following a report by the industry’s regulators.

The watchdog has also said that the water company will have to pay a total of £40 million, which includes a £10 rebate on every customer’s bill.

The Welsh Lib Dems have previously criticised the company for their role in dumping raw sewage into Welsh waterways.

Commenting, Mid and West Wales MS Jane Dodds MS said:

“I welcome this statement from Ofwat that sets a strong precedent against Dwr Cymru’s malpractices going forward.

For far too long now, Dwr Cymru has got away with misleading their customers without any hint of punishment coming their way.

This sort of action is long overdue.

Let us not forget that this is the same company who have routinely failed to ensure that our waterways remain clean from harmful pollution.

It is also the same company that saw fit to pay its chief boss £332,000 in 2022 whilst countless households were facing extortionate water bills.

The evidence is clear, Dwr Cymru in its current state is not fit for standard. A full and comprehensive independent inquiry is the only way forward to fixing this mess.”