Lib Dems Standing Up for Services in Crickhowell Area

8 Nov 2023
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Welsh Lib Dem Leader standing up for services in Crickhowell area

Today (7th November) in the Senedd, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS has raised concerns over the lack of available dentistry and GP services in Crickhowell.

There has been a gradual reduction in NHS services in the Crickhowell area which equates to two days per week.  Whilst the decision to close the Belmont GP surgery has further hampered the ability of residents to access vital services.

Commenting, Jane Dodds MS said:

“I am very concerned at the issues facing residents in the Crickhowell area who wish to access vital services.

GP closures and cuts to dentistry services have made it nearly impossible for locals to access these essential services.

Our NHS in Wales is in a dire state, with both rural and urban communities across the country being forced to deal with the consequences.

The Welsh Labour Government have no real grasp on the situation at hand, whilst the UK Conservative government simply do not care."