“We need a better deal for all of Wales”-Welsh Lib Dems lay down their demands for new First Minister Vaughan Gething.

16 Mar 2024

Following the announcement of the new First Minister for Wales Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have laid out their demands for what they would like to see for Wales.

The party have called for a change in approach to how the Welsh Government runs Wales, with a focus on delivering a “for everyone here in Wales”.

Commenting, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

“First, I would like to congratulate Vaughan Gething for winning the nomination to become the new First Minister

This a bold new beginning for us all, one which could make or break the very future of this country.

We need to see a different approach to the issues facing our nation and not the same “steady as she goes” approach taken by Mr Gething’s predecessors.

Many people across Wales feel forgotten about, we need a government that meets the needs of everyone here in Wales, from North to South and East to West.

As a representative for Mid and West Wales, I am all too aware of the persisting sense of abandonment felt amongst many rural communities.

Issues facing rural Wales have, for far too long now, been ignored by Welsh Labour ministers in Cardiff Bay.

I respectfully invite Mr Gething to come and visit rural Wales, to see for himself the issues affecting our rural communities and farming industry.

We need a government that’s willing to help Wales realise it’s potential, that’s willing to protect its environment and healthcare system for future generations.

The people of Wales want a healthy environment and a thriving NHS, and they want a government that’s willing to lead the way in making this dream a reality.

My question to Mr Gething is this, are you willing to give the people of Wales what they want?”