Welsh Lib Dems advocate universal funded childcare

2 Mar 2024
Childcare motion

At their Spring party conference in Cardiff, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have advocated for universal funded care for all children from 9 months to school age.

The party have also called for greater support for funded holiday care and activities.

The Welsh Lib Dems previously launched the “Closing the Gap - Childcare in Wales” report back in October 2023, which has now been fully endorsed by the conference.

Commenting, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

“Ask any parent or guardian in Wales about their experiences of getting childcare and I’m sure you’ll hear a fair share of horror stories.

Families across the country are being faced with an almost impossible task of finding affordable and easily accessible childcare, with many being forced to choose between forking out thousands of pounds or quitting work.

This shouldn’t be the case, childcare must be affordable and accessible to all.

I am very pleased that our party are at the forefront of delivering a solution to this nightmare that has caused unnecessary stress to so many families.”

Commenting, Welsh Lib Dem Cllr Rhys Taylor said:

"The Welsh Lib Dems want every child, regardless of their family's background to have access to high-quality, affordable childcare.

As it stands, childcare providers receive some of the lowest levels of support and families face some of the highest costs anywhere in the UK.

This makes accessing and maintaining childcare provision across our communities incredibly difficult.

We can and must do better, ensuring that we not only give parents and carers greater choice and support to access childcare, but that childcare providers can meet the demand in their areas for high quality care."

Full link to motion can be found here: https://www.libdems.wales/fileadmin/groups/512/Documents/Spring_Conference_24_Motions/Spring_2024_-_Policy_Motion_-_Closing_the_Gap_-_Childcare_in_Wales.pdf