Welsh Lib Dems demand fairer deal for farmers

29 Feb 2024
Sheep in a field

This week in the Senedd, the Welsh Liberal Democrats called on the Welsh Government to deliver a straightforward and simple farming scheme that works for both food producers and the natural environment.

The call came following a debate in the Siambr on the 28th of February, which called for the scrapping of the proposals made under the Sustainable Farming Scheme in favour of a more supportive plan for farmers.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats voted in favour of the motion, which was narrowly defeated.

Commenting, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

“I would like to reiterate my earnest desire, shared by many farmers across the nation, to make nature-friendly farming the norm here in Wales.

Climate change is already costing our farmers every year in damages and reduced productivity, making their futures even more uncertain.

By working with farmers in nature restoration and encouraging them to follow more diverse farming practices, we can future proof our food supply chain against the threats of global warming.

However, to garner the full commitment of our farming communities, we must be fair in what we ask of them.

We must offer than a viable and sustainable scheme that aims to build resilience and bolster thriving rural economies. Whilst at the same time prioritising the Welsh Language.

The current Sustainable Farming Scheme offered by Welsh Labour falls dramatically short of delivering these key priorities.

The immense financial and mental toll that this complex and unworkable scheme has had on farmers and their families cannot be underestimated.

From attending numerous meetings and speaking with many discouraged farmers, I have witnessed rural communities’ complete loss of faith firsthand.

I recognise and welcome the ongoing consultation stage being carried out by the Welsh Government and encourage those with concerns over the scheme to continue to engage with the consultation.

What we need from the Welsh Government now is to rebuild trust.

We need them to work with, not against, our farmers to build a genuine dialogue about a sustainable future.”