Welsh Lib Dems raise concerns over future of dentistry in Wales

20 Mar 2024
Dentist with patient

This week in the Senedd, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have highlighted the issues facing those wishing to access dentistry services in Wales.

The calls come following the news that the Welsh Government is set to introduce the single largest increase in dental patient charges in the UK, according to the British Dental Association.

There are also concerns surrounding dental waiting lists, particularly in rural areas which the Welsh Lib Dems have described as a “dental desert”.

According to statistics from Powys Health board last September 4,818 adults and 314 children were waiting for dental care.

Last February saw 4,361 adults awaiting dental care with 274 children also still awaiting access to care.

Commenting, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

“We here in Wales are currently in the midst of a dental accessibility crisis.

Sky high waiting times across the country are resulting in thousands of people being denied access to vital dental care. Particularly in rural communities where a drought of accessible services has created a dental desert.

The price hike in dental patient charges will only exacerbate this crisis, driving more and more people towards dangerous DIY dental care.

With the changing of the guard in Cathays park comes a pivotal moment for renewed leadership and a fresh outlook towards solving this crisis.

We urge the Welsh Government to take a collaborative approach, to work directly with dental professionals so we can create an equitable and accessible dental care model for all of Wales.”