Welsh Lib Dems reaffirm support for Wales tourism industry

3 Mar 2024
Visitor economy

At their Spring party conference in Cardiff, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have reaffirmed their support for Wales tourism industry.

In 2019 the visitor economy sector contributed 17.6% of Wales total GDP, compared to 10.4% of UK GDP.

Also prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost 161,000 people, 12.1% of the total workforce in Wales, were employed as part of the visitor economy.

The party are now reaffirming their position of support for the Welsh tourism sector, whilst also calling on the Welsh Government to review the impact that their legislation has had on the visitor economy sector, including the controversial 182 threshold ruling.

Commenting, Welsh Liberal Democrat PPC for Gower Franck Banza said:

“I am delighted that we as a party have once again reaffirmed our support for the tourism sector here in Wales.

Wales is a land rich in culture and heritage, and it is only right that we can share this with others who wish to visit from across the globe.

The tourism industry plays a vital role in the overall national economy, propping up countless businesses in villages and towns right across the country.

It’s a shame that the Welsh Government cannot grasp this.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic are still being felt by countless businesses within the tourism sector.

Yet instead of supporting the industry as it seeks a return to business as usual, Welsh Labour seem intent on imposing burdensome legislation that risks slowing growth.

Welsh Labour’s reckless approach towards our visiting sector could prove devasting if left unchecked.

We urgently need a review into the Welsh Government’s decision making when it comes to legislation relating to the tourism industry, as well as a reduction in the 182 thresholds.

We must work with, not against, the tourism industry if we are to see Wales prosper once more.”