Welsh Lib Dems urge for clarity over future of Bwndel Babi scheme

30 Jan 2024
A box of baby clothing

The Bwndel Babi, or baby bundle, scheme is due to launch this year and was originally meant to see new parents across Wales being gifted a bundle containing baby grows, blankets and changing mats.

However, following the announcement that the Welsh Government will be cutting £3.5 million form the programme, a shadow has been cast around the criteria needed for eligibility.

Commenting, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

 “I was disheartened to read that, as part of their draft budget, the Welsh Labour Government were aiming to cut a substantial amount of funding from the Baby Bundle scheme. A scheme that could prove to be a lifeline for thousands of new parents across Wales who are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

The First Minister has previously expressed his wish that these boxes should be made available to every parent regardless of their income, but now this wish has now changed and with it the hopes of parents counting on this much needed support has been decimated.

Whilst I understand that the Welsh Government have received very little from the UK Conservative government in terms of funding, there is no excuse for the uncertainty that has been created for families across Wales with the changing of the eligibility criteria for this scheme.

I urge the Welsh Government to provide much needed clarity over who and who isn’t available for this scheme, so that we can ensure that families in need are being properly supported.”