Welsh Liberal Democrats React to Welsh Government Budget

19 Dec 2023
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“The same old deal that leaves Wales standing still”- Welsh Lib Dems react to Welsh Gov budget

Today (19th December) the Welsh Liberal Democrats have given their reaction to the recently announced Welsh Government budget for the upcoming financial year.

The party have raised concerns over rural Wales being left out of the budget.

Whilst the Welsh Lib Dems have also slammed the UK Conservative party for their reluctance to loosen the purse strings for Wales. 

Commenting, Jane Dodds MS said:

“This budget announcement is sadly the same old deal that leaves Wales standing still and doesn’t move us forward.

I welcome the extra funding being provided to both the NHS budget, local government funding.

However, the fact remains that huge parts of Wales are still being left behind with this budget, in particular rural Wales.

We need more investment in our rural areas and more support for our farmers.

Welsh Labour and their Plaid Cymru partners have failed to deliver for the challenges of rural Wales with this budget, leaving our farmers and other small businesses marooned to fend for themselves.

Whilst it is easy to call out both parties for their failings, the fact remains that the biggest culprits are the very ones who would happily jump on the fallout of this budget.

Make no mistake, Wales' economic strife has been caused by a party who many of the Welsh population haven’t voted for and that is the Conservatives.

We cannot let the Tories shake the narrative to suit them best, we cannot forget the damage that has been done.

The Conservatives, through all their chaos and mismanagement, have left our country teetering on the brink with an economy that has seen practically zero growth.

The Welsh Conservatives can make a big song and dance about the faults with this budget, but they should be reminded that it’s their colleagues in Westminster who are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in.

Intent on worsening their track record when it comes to looking after our nation’s needs, the Tories have once again shown how little they care about Wales and the Welsh public.

This budget announcement has also confirmed our greatest fears, that there has been little to no money set aside for Wales by a neglectful UK Tory government that has no interest in tidying up the mess they have caused.”