Welsh NHS Stats Show No Improvement Under Labour

23 Feb 2023
An Ambulance.

“While I welcome a slight improvement to ambulance waiting times, far too many people are still waiting much longer than they have to in an emergency. People in Wales shouldn't have to fear that should they find themselves or a loved one in the worst of situations, an ambulance may not be able to make it on time.

“We urgently need a clear-cut plan from the Welsh Government on how they are going to tackle the crisis in social care and ensure ambulances aren’t left queuing outside hospitals and people who are medically fit to be discharged from emergency departments can access the social care they need to leave safely.

“Labour and Plaid Cymru made solving the crisis in social care a key part of their partnership agreement, it is time for them to start delivering.”

Headline stats included: 

  • 51% of red ambulance calls took longer than the 8-minute target time to arrive.
  • 46.8% of amber calls (which include heart attacks and strokes) took over an hour to arrive.
  • 30% of patients were in A&E longer than the 4 hours target time (23,376 people)
  • 17.6% of patients were in A&E longer than 8 hours (13,714 people)
  • 11.5% of patients were in A&E over 12 hours (8,961 people)
  • 47.1% of patients waited more than 62 days to start cancer treatment
  • Referal to treatment times have also increased again.