Tim Sly

Wrexham - Tim Sly

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have selected Tim Sly to stand as their candidate for Wrexham at the next General Election.

Tim Sly is a local resident and campaigner who will contest the newly enlarged Wrexham seat for the Welsh Lib Dems at the general election.  Tim has worked in environmental industries for many years and runs a technology company making smart controls for schools and office buildings. 

Tim lives in Tallarn Green where he is a member of the local Community Council and he also serves as a governor of the Maelor Church Schools Federation.

Tim’s priorities are fixing our NHS, tackling the cost of living crisis and getting action to tackle the flooding that affects many parts of the local area every time we get heavy rain. 

As a business owner and engineer, Tim is keen to attract more high-skilled, well paid jobs to the Wrexham area and believes that not enough is being done to equip local people with the skills they need for the industries of the future.


Commenting on his selection, Cllr Tim Sly said:

“Wrexham is an amazing place and I’m very pleased to have been selected to stand at the forthcoming General Election.  We have a chance this year to highlight the poor performance of the NHS in the Wrexham area and push for improvements.”

“Wrexham is home to the largest industrial estate in Wales” he added. “I want to help attract more high-tech businesses while making sure that local people are equipped with the skills and training they need to take advantage of new job opportunities.”

Tim also wants action for local farmers whose income has been slashed by the combined effects of Brexit, the Conservative government in Westminster and the Labour Government in Cardiff.

“Farming is the lifeblood of the Maelor and our farmers have been sold down the river” said Tim. “We need a scheme that rewards farmers for growing the food we need, whilst recognising their role in looking after our countryside”.

“The next election will be a real chance to deliver change in Wrexham and I’m asking people to back me to deliver that.”


The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Jane Dodds MS, added:

I’d like to extend my congratulations to Tim on his nomination to become our PPC for Wrexham.

Tim is a dedicated Liberal who has contributed so much towards our party over the years, and I am delighted that he has been chosen to represent us for the upcoming general election.”