How Jane can help:

This page has been designed to answer many of the most common questions you might like to ask. If there is something else that you think should be added to it, please let me know by emailing Jane.Dodds@Senedd.Cymru

Details of other organisations that can help at are the bottom of this page.

To access useful resources for business, or advice and support for dealing with the cost of living crisis, take a look at Jane's dedicated resources page.

What do Senedd Members Do?

Senedd Members (MSs) are elected to the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) by residents of constituencies and regions across Wales.

In the Senedd MSs participate in debates and vote on proposed laws and other matters.

Many MSs are also members of committees that examine proposed laws or the work of individual government departments. Some will also have a role as a government minister or as an opposition spokesperson.

MSs can help their constituents by taking up issues with Government departments and by representing local concerns in the Senedd.

Am I your Senedd Member?

My constituency region covers Mid & West Wales including all of: Powys, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and some of Gywnedd.

You can easily check if I am your Senedd Member via the Senedd website. All you need to do is to type your postcode into the box.

Can I help even if I am not your MS?

No, I’m afraid not. There are strict Senedd rules that MSs can only offer assistance to people who live in, and businesses that are located in, the constituency or region they represent. The link above will provide details for your own MS and you should make contact with them.

How to Contact Me

You can email me at: Jane.Dodds@Senedd.Cymru

You can write to me at: Jane Dodds MS, 11 Lion St, Brecon, LD3 7HY

You can also write to me at: Jane Dodds MS, Welsh Parliament, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff. CF99 1SN.

You can call my office on: 0300 200 7231

How long will I take to reply to you?

I receive hundreds of requests for help, assistance and information, and I try, along with my caseworkers, to ensure that all work is dealt with as quickly as possible. All requests for help are looked at on receipt and urgent cases are prioritised as quickly as possible. I’m sorry that this sometimes means that you have to wait for a reply.

I aim to reply to all requests for assistance within 10 working days. Sometimes, with very complex cases or at times of peak demand, it may take a little longer.

For enquiries on policy matters, I also aim to respond within 10 working days but at busy times we prioritise personal cases and the response time for policy enquiries and write in campaigns may take longer.

If you have not had a response to an enquiry, please call my office or email me.

What is an advice surgery and when are they?

Advice surgeries are opportunities for constituents with problems to come and speak to me about personal issues or problems that they are experiencing. My caseworkers and I take details of the problems and will then make enquiries about them. Advice surgeries are only for constituents.

Advice Surgeries move day, time and venue around the constituency in order to be near as many constituents as possible over a period of time. I am sorry but practicalities mean that it is sometimes difficult to publish all the details in advance.

How to get an appointment at a surgery

I operate an appointment system. To get an appointment please email or telephone my office on 0300 200 7231.

You can find my upcoming advice surgeries here. 

If there is not an upcoming advice surgery it may be possible to arrange a meeting directly with yourself. Please contact my office using the above email and number. 

Please note that my staff will ask for your name, contact details and address, and also details of the issue you want to raise with me. This is because surgeries are usually oversubscribed, and so we want to make the best use of your time (and mine) by doing preliminary research before you see me. This may involve writing to third parties before the surgery to get their take on the situation.

If your situation is urgent, or if there are reasons why you cannot provide detail over the telephone or in writing, then I will try to fit you in as soon as I can.

If it is not possible – for example, because my surgery is fully booked for some time ahead – I may ask you to have a meeting with one of my caseworkers. He or she will take notes, ask questions, look at whatever paperwork you have and report back to me.

If you have special needs, please do not hesitate to let me know, so that we can adapt to your needs as far as is possible.

What is the best way to invite me to an event?

The very best way to invite me to an event is to email me at

When sending an invite, please be as clear as possible about what the event is, where it will be, date and time it will run to and from. If you want me to do anything at the event – e.g. make a speech – please say.

I receive over a hundred invitations a month, and sadly I am not able to make them all. I will prioritise those within my region and those involving ordinary constituents or on the major issues within the region.

My role as Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

I am the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. You are welcome to contact me about in my position as Leader, but I do not have secretarial support to reply to the many good ideas that I am sent so I’m afraid that I may not be able to reply individually and within as fast of a time I can for casework. If you are emailing me in my capacity as Leader it is best to contact me at: 

You can also contact Party Staff at: