Wales - Economy

Jane Dodds - The Chancellor Has Left Welsh Households Hung Out to Dry

Responding to the UK Government budget, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds has today criticised the UK Government’s budget for not doing enough to support households hit by the cost of living crisis as well as continuing to deprive Wales of HS2 funding and failing to future-proof the country against rising energy prices.

15 Mar 2023
Wales - Education

Labour & Plaid Cymru’s Childcare Offer Not Ambitious Enough

Responding to news that free childcare for working parents in England is expected to be expanded to cover one and two-year-olds, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have stated Labour and Plaid Cymru’s plans in Wales are not ambitious enough and fall short of what is needed.

15 Mar 2023
North Wales

Betsi Cadwaladr - Health Minister's Answers Not Good Enough

Speaking in Questions to the Health Minister today, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS has stated major questions still need addressed over the disastrous situation at Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, stating it is still not clear why the independent board seem to be taking the fall for the poor management of executives and why the Health Board was ever taken out of special measures in the first place.

1 Mar 2023
An older couple expressing worry

Tax Gambling Companies to Pay for Social Care Uplift Say Welsh Lib Dems

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for an increase in wages for care workers in Wales to be increased again in order to tackle chronic staff shortages in social care and its impact on emergency care. The Party is proposing doing this by doubling the amount of tax gambling companies operating out of the UK to generate £56 million extra for Wales to spend on social care salaries.

24 Feb 2023